How To Write The Perfect Business Proposal


I bet you are here thinking that you are going to get the complete lowdown on writing a proposal….. wrong!!

I’ve been asked by a few prospective new clients to submit a business proposal and I have resisted the temptation to say no and pushed the cynicism of their motives for asking to one side and agreed to write the proposal in the hope I can win their business.

I’d forgotten how much effort went into them. Phew, they are hard work and I take my hat off to anyone that does that for a living.

So, having shown it to be an achilles heel for me I am hoping you might be able to help me out here.

If you were writing a proposal to win some business what would you include in your perfect business proposal ?

In case you think  I am trying to steal all the glory I’m not going to make you do all the work, here are my two cents on what I would include, but I sense there are big chunks missing.

[wp_graphic id=”feature15″ type=”feature” align=”center” title=”The Ingredients Of A Perfect Business Proposal” width=”400px”]

  • Executive Summary. (C Class people don’t want the whole news, give them the summary)
  • The Purpose Of The Plan. (What is the problem you are trying to fix)
  • SWOT Analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of the prospective client)
  • Resources Needed. (What do you need from them to get the job done)
  • Financial Considerations. (What do you expect to be paid, when do you expect to be paid)
  • Timescale. (When will they be ready, when will you be ready)
  • Anything else.


I know it’s pretty weak, which is why I want to know what you would include in the perfect business proposal.


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