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If you are a media buyer, you need to have the right tools, to help you to make the right decisions on which publisher sites you should promote your products or services on.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to spy on your competitors, find out what they are doing in regards to their media buying activity and steal their ideas.

There are a number of services set up to do just that and in this short video, I highlight two of the choices you have.

I do a comparison of results for the same advertiser site and some of the differences between the two services.

You’ll be quite surprised by the results.

As a heads up, I do actually know some of the team behind (Max and Mike).

They are great guys, very smart, enthusiastic, passionate and very committed to their product.

I know they built it like any good programmers to “scratch their own itch”. 

They were big affiliates, bought a lot of media and wanted to automate a way in which they could monitor their competition and is the by-product of their desire to scratch.

I’ve listened to Ilya of Mixrank talk on a few webinars.

He comes across as knowledgeable and passionate about his product too.

They raised some finance to help speed up their expansion and I think if their product evolves into other countries and other networks over and above the Google Display Network then it’d be a really good addition/ally to

But, if I had to choose only one product right at this moment, then, based on my experience to date (and results, and, let’s be honest, results are the most important thing right?) then wins out in this comparison for me.

One solution I have yet to try is Adbeat.

I hear good things about Adbeat and its founder Mike Collela.

I am currently only using for web based advertiser and publisher data.

They acquired a UK based mobile ad company in August 2012 (the company was called Mobile Ad Spy) and you can get an all-in subscription for a little more per month if mobile competitor intelligence and advertising was on your radar then consider for that as well.

If you are a serious media buyer then you should subscribe to either or both of these services.

If you prefer a done for you type of media buying solution, then visit our media buying service page and fill in our contact form to discuss how Spades Media can help generate traffic, leads and sales for you with our expert media buying service.

So, here’s the short video.

Please leave comments on what you think.

As a footnote. If any of the owners of the products mentioned in this post would be up for doing a Hangout on Air with me to discuss media buying and how their products help advertisers make money, shoot me a message and let me know.

You can either do that via the contact form on my site, or add me on Google+ and send me a message that way.

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