Media Buying


It has become increasingly easy to source and buy media online.

All of a sudden, everyone is a media buying expert.

Buying the right media, on the right sites, in the right position on those sites, at the right time of day, at the best price, constantly optimizing the returns, monitoring competitors, handling compliance, negotiating contractual terms, ensuring even delivery, enforcing exit clauses are just a small number of the things that you need to do to run a successful media buying campaign.

Done badly, or not at all and your experience of buying media will not be a good one.

Instead of working ON your business you end up working IN your business. You generate new sales, then you have to help process them, so you stop looking at your media buying campaigns, so sales slow down, then you go back to the campaigns and sales pick up and then the virtuous circle continues.

Fortunately, we do all of those things and more for the clients who use us to manage their media buying campaigns for them. Day in, day out.

Our clients want to focus on their business. Allowing us to buy their media for them allows them to do just that.

Here are just of the few value adds we offer our clients as part of our media buying service :

  • They use our better buying power to get cheaper deals on media placements.
  • They use our team of media campaign managers to get the optimal positioning of their ads.
  • Our media planners research and approach better quality sites to run your ads on.
  • Once we have proven ROI from a specific traffic source our sales team negotiate longer term placements on those sites directly, blocking out your competitors at the same time.
  • To help find those sources we buy significant amounts of traffic through ad exchanges and demand side platforms (DSP’s).
  • We use state of the art ad serving technology which leads our campaign managers to better and smarter decisions.
  • We provide our clients with 24/7 reporting for maximum transparency and we can discuss the results which leads to easier to arrive at and better business decisions on what to do next.
  • Our media planners buy less blind traffic sources so less site sources of ill repute (unless your model attracts those type of visitors), we also make sure that what we buy is served as it is bought and we know if the ad impressions are above or below the fold.
  • We are experts at buying traffic on the Google Display Network, which has vast amounts of traffic available, at attractive prices if you do your homework.
  • We employ leading edge campaign management techniques including retargeting (or remarketing in the case of Google).

All of these things we do for our clients means they can focus on running their business and that their media buying campaigns are being handled by experts in the field.

We have many years of hands-on Ad Operations and Ad Sales experience to call upon.

If you would like to discuss what we can do for your company in respect of media buying campaigns, fill in our contact form and one of our team will contact you, usually within the same business day.

Our clients have an open-ended contract with us. If they don’t like our work we lose their business. We thrive at being kept on our toes. We are the ultimate performance marketers.

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