PPC Campaign Management

What We Do In PPC

Pay per click is one of the longest standing types of online advertising.

PPC providers (Google Adwords, Bing Ads and others),  have made it very easy to get a campaign set up and running.

Because it is easy to get started on your own, many advertisers decide that rather than outsourcing their PPC campaign management, they choose to run campaigns themselves to start. Because of the success it is easy to get they think all is well with the world.

Once they get busy as a result of the extra traffic, leads and sales, they get sucked back in to running their business, and their campaigns get neglected.

Our expert PPC campaign team have spent in excess of $100 million on Pay Per Click traffic since the first campaign we bought in 2000 (which is before Google Adwords even existed).

Some of the services we assist our clients with in managing Pay Per Click campaigns could include any of the items below.

  • We are currently using an existing Pay Per Click agency and are looking to change providers
  • We’ve never run any Pay Per Click campaigns and need help getting started
  • We are managing our Pay Per Click campaigns in-house and want to get a better return on investment
  • We are managing our Pay Per Click in-house and want to train our in-house team to run our campaign better
  • We have BIG problems with our Pay Per Click campaigns
  • We are looking to get more clicks and conversions
  • We are not sure if our current Pay Per Click agency is doing a good job of managing our Pay Per Click campaigns

There are probably other scenarios that could describe your pain. We’ve tried to list the most common we see.

Whatever situation you are facing, contact us to discuss your specific issues and how we might help.

The initial conversation is free.

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