Why I Declared Facebook Bankruptcy


Today is a big day for me. I finally made it.

A few months back I went into Chapter 11 Administration with Facebook.

I had already quit all the groups I belonged to (around 25). I had stopped accepting new friend requests, I stopped wishing people a happy birthday.

A couple of weeks ago I started to unfriend my friends (I had around 3100).

I knew virtually every one of the connections I had. There might have been a few rogues slipped through the net, but, in the main, they were all legit friends that I had.

Why was I un-friending people I hear you ask? I can’t possibly have fallen out with all of them surely?

I had failed in my attempts to keep personal and professional separate.

All of my school friends were seeing my work related stuff and all of my work friends were seeing my school related stuff.

It got completely out of hand.

I had failed to choose correctly the people who I wanted to receive notifications from.

facebook notifications

I had failed to select what  specific stuff I wanted to see on a person by person basis, so I kept ranting about seeing Games, when I had control over that all the time. I just had not acted correctly.

If I had selected the updates I wanted to see all of the angst that Facebook caused to lead me to this Facebook Bankruptcy might not have happened.


I had failed to segment correctly.

The end result? My 3100 friends got whittled down to this…..

235 Facebook friends

That’s right, to get things back to where they needed to be I got rid of 93% of the friends I had on Facebook and I was left with 235 close personal friends, family members and people I went to school with.

So, what’s next?

Well, originally I said I was going to close my account down at the end of this month and try to get everyone to migrate to Google+ because I think it is a better platform, easier to segment people, the Communities mean you can interact with like-minded people without annoying your aunt or brother.

However, now that I have discovered these Facebook features of turning off the annoyances, I am tempted to optimize the friends I have left, then, add people back in and make sure they get added to the right list with the right stuff being shown and omitted.

On the subject of Lists. I find it incredibly annoying that the “standard” lists including, Close Friends, Acquaintances, Restricted and the “Local” list are all ones you can’t delete, even if you don’t want to use them. They are my lists and I should be free to name them whatever I like, much like I can over on Google+

facebook lists

And another thing.

Interests. If I have an interest, I will probably find a Group to join that satisfies that interest. Creating a list of Interests should be something I can switch off completely, same with Games.


If any of my friends are wondering why I unfriended them, I am going to steal a line you normally hear when it comes to relationships…..

It’s not you, it’s me

If you want to join me over on Google+ feel free to do so.

If you don’t I will probably be back over to Facebook 2.0 and give it another crack. I might even consider rejoining some of the Groups I enjoyed being part of but had no point to participate because I was pushing water up a hill with my Facebook Overdraft, the subsequent Chapter 11, now the bankrputcy and hopefully I can emerge from the bankruptcy intact.

Have you felt this way too?

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