Google Hangout on Air Technical Guide

google+ hangouts on air technical guide

I posted this over on a Google+ Community but felt it important for anyone that does hangouts to understand the technical aspects and minimum requirements you need in order to conduct successful Google+ Hangouts On Air.

The Google Hangouts On Air technical guide is an official guide from Google.

It’s got some great information on pre and post production, the requirements for lighting, webcams, suggested minimum speed needed.

It recommends that you have a hard-wired internet connection, as opposed to wireless connection.

This is almost always the reason that some people don’t have a good experience on Hangouts on Air.

From what I see not very many people go back and optimise their YouTube listings post Hangout On Air.

With as much content being uploaded to YouTube every day as there is, it is important to stand out from the crowd. You might have an Oscar winning Hangout On Air, with the best guests in the world, but if your title is a boring old “Hangout On Air” then people will not find it as easily as they might if you optimised the video after the event.

The standard resolution for Hangouts On Air is 480px which is a bit grainy. If you are recording in a dark room, talking to your microphone in your laptop then you should edit the video and optimise the lighting and sound once the video renders on YouTube.

I can’t tell you the number of videos I have started to watch, because I had genuine interest in the topic and I gave up watching because the quality was so bad.

The person who made the video might look at their analytics data and assume that I lost interest and left because of the content. I am sure I am not alone in doing that. We have a duty of care to our visitors to record the very best quality video we can, based on our environment.

There is a great section in the guide that talks about scouting location. It basically means do your homework and ensure the environment is conducive to a Google+ Hangout On Air. If one of your guests is at an airport, consider replacing them as a guest.

You need to optimise the video title, video description, use annotations, where appropriate, use keywords.

These are all factors that will help you get better results on YouTube.

The value of YouTube traffic is not in doubt.

Just ask Psy about the effect Gangnam Style being played over 1 billion times on YouTube has had on his life. I mean, come on, this is Psy with Hammer in November, it can’t get much better than this right?

psy and mc hammer

Justin Beiber owes everything he has to YouTube.

At times, I am sure we all have a love-hate relationship with YouTube…. but that is another story.

So, download the guide, organise amazing Google+ Hangouts On Air and you might be the next TV superstar because of your fifteen minutes of fame.

After reading the guide, if you feel that you have a value-add point the guide doesn’t cover, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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