Career openings at Spades Media

Career Openings

Current Openings At Spades Media

Spades Media is a completely decentralised business.

We hire the best people for a role, rather than selecting a candidate from the skills pool in a certain geographical area.

We use technology and written-down processes to ensure that client work is delivered to the highest standards.

Our clients expect great results and we deliver for them.

For ANY role we have, we expect the candidate to be able to do the following things :

  • Get themselves up and be ready to rock
  • Cook their own breakfast
  • Make their own coffee/tea/smoothies
  • Clean their own sink of dirty cups and dishes
  • Stack and empty their own dishwasher
  • Manage distractions
  • Manage their own time
  • Invest in their own workspace environment
  • Take care of themselves physically and mentally

Regardless of the role you are interested in, before tossing your hat into the ring and applying, check you possess these must-have qualities.

  • Able to use your initiative
  • Comfortable working without a boss breathing down your neck
  • Happy to manage your own time
  • Be good at delivering to deadlines, which often means going "above and beyond" what is expected
  • Work well under some pressure
  • Be open and honest, with colleagues and yourself

We don't work with recruiters

There, we have addressed the elephant in the digital room.

We have nothing against recruiters personally, but we learn a lot about potential candidates throughout the entire discovery process, right from the first touchpoint of someone reading about an opening, learning about the company and applying.

We know that we need to impress the candidates about us, as much as they need to impress us with them.

Relying on a third-party recruiter to create that first impression just means we've abdicated the responsibility of selling ourselves to someone who couldn't do it as well as we can.

It also gives the recruiter the chance to coach the candidate to say what they thing we WANT to hear, but we'd rather it happened spontaneously.

Opportunity Knocks

We are searching for great candidates to fill important roles.

In the same way as we don't have fancy offices, we don't believe in fancy job titles either.

Internally at least.

We succeed or don't succeed as a team, there are clearly defined roles and there is a hierarchy, but it is there primarily to offer up opportunities to grow, for those that want to. 

Not everyone wants to be a manager.

Not everyone deals with responsibility and delegation.

That doesn't mean Spades Media offers dead end roles with stagnating rewards.

We understand that people need to have new challenges periodically and we evolve what we do, who we do it for and how we do it constantly.

The digital landscape changes all the time and we feel we need to evolve to keep ahead of the competition.

That is both the service offering we have, the process we use, the technology we use and who we have on the team to deliver the results.

We know that often working with Spades Media will be a stepping stone to other things.

Because we are decentralised, some people miss the interaction with other people in an office environment.

Whenever we get the chance, we try to bring people together both professionally and socially.

We know job titles matter to clients and we also know it is difficult to apply for a job if it doesn't have a title.

Just know that our organisation is not an elitist country club of prima donnas who can't do something because it is not in there job description.

It's a certainty that if you are that type of person, we will not be a good fit for you, in any role.

Job titles only matter when you are looking for a job, with that title.

And let's be brutally honest.

Everyone lies when it comes to previous experience, salaries and the like, in the hope we can pull the wool over the unsuspecting fool on the other side of the desk.

We are excited to talk to you about the opportunities.

Current Openings At Spades Media