CRM integrations

CRM Integrations

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CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) is something that underpins all successful businesses.

You can see from the outside of these businesses that customers matter.

Think of companies like Apple, HubSpot, Zappos.

Handling those customer relationships on a 1:1 basis can be difficult without the right tools and processes to do the job.

Spades Media help businesses of all sizes, in a number verticals implement the HubSpot Growth Stack (illustrated below).

HubSpot Growth Stack

We implement the HubSpot Growth Stack for your business by utilising the HubSpot solution that supports your marketing team, and your sales team and provides you with a CRM platform

You are able to understand who is visiting your site, what their interests are and then provide timely and contextually relevant content to continue to keep them engaged with your business, rather than just showing them everything you have.

For many businesses we provide free versions of the HubSpot tools starting out, but, in time, many customers have grown into the Growth Stack and refined their level of access on a paid basis to align with their business goals.

It's a Pay As You Grow model.

So, if you are interested in a discussion on how you can integrate world class CRM solutions as part of the HubSpot Growth Stack for your business, then let's talk.

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