Lead Generation

Lead Generation

For B2B advertisers generating quality leads to meet the needs of sales teams is high on the agenda of marketers .
If your sales people are not talking to prospects then you have several big problems.
The obvious issue - you don't have enough leads.
But, what about staff churn?
Unhappy sales people tend to move around.
They are confident in their sales abilities, if they only had the leads.

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Not only that, you need to generate the right quantity of leads, at the right price.

Do We Have Experience In Generating Leads?

We've generated more than 2 million leads for advertisers around the world over the past 18 years.
We use proprietary techniques and premium B2B traffic sources to generate the leads.
We use the platforms below for lead generation.
We use them because we've worked out how to create the right buyer personas.
Using our inbound marketing method we leverage our advanced lead buying technique.
We deliver the right volume, right quality and best price leads.
We work with your marketing team to keep your lead pool topped up.
Your sales reps or call center staff will be happy and working to capacity.

Platforms We Work With

The platforms we use include (but not limited to) :

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
We find these channels are the most effective in driving leads to our clients.
But, it's not as simple as running some ads.
Anyone could run ads.
We are lead generation masters.
We understand the psychological triggers that get visitors to engage with your content.
They are happy to provide their information to your sales team to follow up with.
We work hard with your design team to build the best landing page experience for your visitors.
Our process utilises the best Sales Enablement tools on the market.
So, if you NEED more leads for your business or struggling to convert the leads you are generating we can help.
Click the Get In Touch button below, share your contact information and we can talk.
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If you are not ready for that click the eBook below and get 30 of the greatest lead generation tips, tricks and ideas.
We'll deliver them to you completely free, as our gift for you getting this far down the page.
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We tried several agencies prior to working with Jim and the team at Spades Media. They've transformed tickets sales for our two ecommerce conferences in Australia and the United States. We couldn't be happier.

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