Sales enablement with HubSpot

Sales Enablement With HubSpot

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Equipping your sales team with sales leads and the right tools to hit their sales quota should be the number one aim of any Sales Manager.

But, in today's day and age, the buying control is very much with the consumer.

It's their rules, they do things their way.

If you try to fight that, you will lose.

So rather than fight it, you should embrace it.

We embraced the Inbound Methodology a few years back and since then, we have never looked back.

Think of it as digital marketing Kool-aid.

The learning curve for our entire team to understand how to create and execute the best sales enablement methods possible led to us to challenge much of what we believed to be true in a traditional sales model.

We have taken what we have learnt and now help our clients with their sales enablement, to ensure that when combined with the traffic generation solutions Spades Media put in place, we give them the best chance to succeed and move leads through the funnel and out the other side as customers.

There is no point generating a ton of inbound sales leads, if the sales team are not equipped to deal with them.

They need tools to cut down the time they spend on admin.

Marketing automation is a key part of that solution.

Getting the marketing team and the sales team on the same page is the foundation of our sales enablement solutions.

We work with your marketing team to ensure that the top of the funnel is filled with suitable prospects.

We work with your marketing and sales team to ensure the baton passing of a Marketing Qualified Lead to the most appropriate sales person happens seamlessly and that once the lead becomes a Sales Qualified Lead that marketing knows where the lead came from so they can adjust their strategy to generate more of the same quality leads.

We work with your sales team to handle the flow of leads, show them how to use HubSpot workflows, HubSpot lists, how to set up Templates, Sequences and other cool automation features as part of HubSpot Sales Pro.

We help the business owners understand how their sales and marketing teams are working together towards the achievement of the desired business goals.

In short, we make your sales process ROCK

So, if you are up for a discussion on how to equip your sales team with the tools and techniques to blow the competition out of the water, then let's talk.

We'd love to get you started with a trial of HubSpot if you are not currently using it.

And, if you are using it, congratulations, you've got the first step taken care of, but we can work with you to ensure you get so much more out of using the system.

Ultimately, it's not the wand, it's the wizard.

And working with Spades Media, we are the wizards of inbound marketing and traffic generation.

Look forward to speaking to you. 

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