Sales Support

Sales Support

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If you help your sales team the right way they won't be able to use lack of support as a reason for not hitting their sales quota.

Spades Media live and breathe the sales methodology created by the HubSpot team.

Ever since we adopted the sales approach we've moved to a different level in our own business.

But, it's not our business we are talking about here, it's yours.

Having a streamlined sales approach ensures that maximum sales personnel time is spent on productive selling.

How many times do sales people have to write emails to prospective clients explaining what they do, how they do it, have an exchange of emails trying to find a suitable date and time to have a meeting.

Our sales support solution takes some of those painful road blocks away and replaces them with more free time for your sales people to respond to leads generated by your marketing team.

Your sales team need to have the right level of support to handle the flow of leads.

We help them by :

  • Showing them how to use HubSpot workflows
  • Show them how to create HubSpot lists
  • Show them how to set up Email Templates
  • Show them how to set up Sequences
  • Show them how to distribute proposals and sales collateral at the press of a button

So, if you are up for a discussion on how to support your sales team and provide them with the tools and techniques to hit their sales quotas month in month out, then let's talk.

We'd love to get your sales team started using HubSpot Sales Pro. 

Look forward to speaking to you. 

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