Adwords – Dynamic Sitelinks

Dynamic Sitelinks

It was announced today that Google Adwords will now show dynamic sitelinks. According to Google dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated sitelinks that appear below your ad text, connecting potential customers to relevant pages on your website more easily But, there is nothing to indicate how the relevant pages are chosen. How will this affect existing sitelinks?…

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How To Get Your Business Online With Google Adwords Express

How To Get Your Business On Adwords Express

If you’ve heard about Google Adwords Express but never really known how to set it up this video will walk you through the set up process. It’s difficult to know if Adwords Express is going to be a better solution for promoting your business without knowing more specifics, but, as a general rule of thumb…

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Multi-Channel Funnels Are Important – Here’s Why

custom click attribution model

Learn why multi-channel funnels are such an important part of a robust digital marketing campaign and help when you are working on attribution modelling.

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How To Make Attribution Models Work For Your Business

When I talk to many of my industry friends and ask them which attribution model they use, I get a combination of rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders and very occasionally I will get someone brave enough to answer and they almost exclusively will say last click wins. In this article I am going to show you…

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Best Practises for implementing AuthorRank

I spoke at Pubcon last year and had the pleasure of meeting Arnie Kuenn who is the President over at internet marketing company Vertical Measures, based out of Arizona. Just before the Christmas break Arnie asked me to take part in a Hangout to discuss the topic of Best Practises for implementing AuthorRank which is…

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Finding An Agency For Google Adwords

In 2000 I took the skills I had learned in pay per click advertising and set up an agency to manage pay per click campaigns for companies. Google Adwords didn’t exist. The dominant pay per click engines were (soon to become Overture) and Espotting (which later became Miva). When Google entered the fray, their…

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Google Hangout on Air Technical Guide

I posted this over on a Google+ Community but felt it important for anyone that does hangouts to understand the technical aspects and minimum requirements you need in order to conduct successful Google+ Hangouts On Air. The Google Hangouts On Air technical guide is an official guide from Google. It’s got some great information on pre and…

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Why I Declared Facebook Bankruptcy

Today is a big day for me. I finally made it. A few months back I went into Chapter 11 Administration with Facebook. I had already quit all the groups I belonged to (around 25). I had stopped accepting new friend requests, I stopped wishing people a happy birthday. A couple of weeks ago I…

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Media Buying – vs

If you are a media buyer, you need to have the right tools, to help you to make the right decisions on which publisher sites you should promote your products or services on. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to spy on your competitors, find out what they are doing in…

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Behavioural Targeting – How To Turn It Off If You Find It Creepy

In the past few years one of the biggest areas of growth in digital marketing has been in behavioural targeting. Advertisers can create an audience based on their previous behaviour, interests and interaction with a website. They can then create an advertising campaign to retarget that group of individuals who have shown certain behavioural or…

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