Google+ for Business and Individuals


I’m proud to be involved in the Plus Your Business community and also to be a Pathfinder in the Plus Your Business Academy.

This post from Google+ was written by Martin Shervington who has tirelessly given his time to educate the masses on how business and individuals can use Google+ to take their business or individual presence on Google+ to the next level.

Having had the opportunity to be behind the scenes and see first-hand the results of implementing some of the tips suggested I would strongly urge you to get up to speed on this content quickly. There is still an opportunity to be one step ahead of your competition.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail how to use Google+ for your business or for personal coaching on how to use it as an individual from a Plus Your Business Academy expert then fill in our contact form

How To Make Attribution Models Work For Your Business

When I talk to many of my industry friends and ask them which attribution model they use, I get a combination of rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders and very occasionally I will get someone brave enough to answer and they almost exclusively will say last click wins.

In this article I am going to show you examples of 6 types of attribution model you might consider for your business, what the differences are, why last click model is fatally flawed and what steps you can take to ensure you are selecting the right model for your business, based on the situation you might find yourself in.

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Media Buying – vs

If you are a media buyer, you need to have the right tools, to help you to make the right decisions on which publisher sites you should promote your products or services on.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to spy on your competitors, find out what they are doing in regards to their media buying activity and steal their ideas.

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