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Twitter Ads

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The biggest complaint we hear when talking to businesses that have tried Twitter Ads is that it just doesn't work for them.

The main reason for lack of success is due to the incorrect creation of a tailored audience.

What's a tailored audience?

Good question, it's effectively a private guest list for the content you want to share.

Generally speaking your greatest success with Twitter Ads is going to come from remarketing to people who have interacted with your business via another channel.

Twitter Ads have been criticised for not having granular enough targeting, but if you use your custom audience pixel correctly then you are able to create your granular audience elsewhere (say Google Ads or Facebook Ads) and then layer in the targeting that you can use on Twitter.

Twitter Ads are great for business to business advertisers looking for Lead Generation as part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Spades Media have been buying advertising on Twitter since it launched back in 2010.

Advertising on Twitter is not going to be for every business, but even if you are not active on Twitter, you can still get great benefit from using the platform.

It's great for generating :

  • White Paper Downloads
  • Ebook Downloads
  • Webinar Registrations
  • Appointments At Trade Shows
  • Buzz For New Launches
  • Amplification Of Press Releases

Businesses are eager to try Twitter Ads, but they don't understand how it works.

We can help fill in some of that knowledge gap. 

So, if you are interested in a discussion on how Spades Media can use Twitter Ads to drive leads for your business, then let's talk.

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