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Google introduced their Google Adwords product back in 2001.

The founder and CEO of Spades Media Jim Banks has been one of the pioneers of pay per click advertising, in particular, Google Ads since the beginning.

Jim's original agency was one of the first agencies in the UK to forge a partnership arrangement with Google and we've had valuable input into the evolution of some of the main products that Google have made available to advertisers and agencies to support advertising activity, including My Client Center and Adwords Editor.

Running pay per click advertising on Google Ads is the cornerstone of most businesses with a solid online presence.

Google makes it incredibly easy for you to spend money on advertising with Google Ads, but the product has grown in features and complexity, making it hard for some advertisers to get a decent return.

Spades Media make it easy for you to MAKE money running Google Ads.

We do that by understanding the complexities of what is a constantly changing advertising proposition and utilise tools and techniques to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Jim is asked to speak at conferences around the world on the topic of pay per click, including Google Ads.

We offer businesses help with :

So why not contact us today and discuss how we can help YOUR business grow revenue using Google Ads.

Help With Google Ads