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Why Google Shopping?


Google Shopping started life back in the day when it was known as Froogle.

It was a free solution and hard to get any traffic.

When Google introduced a pay per click solution for shopping ads Spades Media started to take note.

Since then we have refined our process for Google shopping campaigns, both on the configuration of the feeds as well as the media buying side of things.

It has resulted in this being one of the fastest growing areas for Google and Spades Media.

We work with clients to fully optimize their Google Merchant Center account and their Google shopping feeds.

We cover :

  • The Product Title
  • The Product Description
  • Variations Of Products (colors and sizes)
  • The Images
  • The Use Of Product Reviews
  • Dynamic Product Remarketing
  • The Use Of Custom Labels

We maximize your ROI because you get no product disapprovals due to feed errors.

You have a strategy for product sculpting, ensuring that the products you want to be selling, are the ones you are selling.

For prospective shopping clients we offer a 15-minute complimentary analysis of the shopping campaigns you run currently.


Google Shopping Feed

The most important factor to success in Google Shopping is the feed you are using.

If you have not got Google Merchant Center configured correctly then you will have mediocre results at best.

Help With Google Shopping

Our company has engaged the services of Jim for over 3 years. Jim’s experience in paid media, combined with keeping ahead of new developments give us a competitive edge over our competitors.
Phil Leahy
Phil Leahy
Retail Global, CEO
Spades Media provide a comprehensive hand holding solution. They get the job done and are polite, friendly and very helpful. Thanks Jim for a great service.
Stephen Mistretta
Stephen Mistretta
Principled Finance, CEO
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