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Programmatic Advertising

Online advertisers who do high volumes of traffic, leads and sales often run out of runway when it comes to traditional advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

What happens then?

Typically, when an online advertiser maxes out on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords they accept they've hit the ceiling and don't do anything else.

That is where programmatic advertising comes in to play.

The display ecosystem used to be incredibly simple.

You had people looking to buy traffic and you had people looking to sell traffic.

The way it used to be bought and sold was archaic, you had sales houses representing the sellers of the traffic, you had agencies representing the buyers of the traffic and they would combine forces to establish what traffic would cost, fill in Insertion Orders, fax them (yes fax) to each other, run the traffic, see what happened and then all go down the pub right after work for drinks.

At least that was our experience when working publisher (seller) side.

Buyers were paying more for some of the premium traffic and sellers were getting less than the traffic was worth and had a lot of unsold or remnant inventory that went for pennies.

So, when the opportunity came to use computer based methods to buy and sell traffic, a lot of Venture Capital money found it's way into the ecosystem.

Trying to unravel that ecosystem has kept the programmatic advertising team at Spades Media busy.

If you look at the latest Display Lumascape you can see the complexity of the ecosystem.

It would be foolhardy of anyone to try to forge relationships with all the vendors on this chart, but, suffice to say it is a lot easier to buy display advertising at scale now, than it was back in the day.

Display Advertising Lumascape

We realise the potential of combining first party data (the data you know about your own visitors) with third party data (the data other people know about your visitors) to provide better ad targeting at scale, using machine learning and automation.

As an example, if you were selling tickets to the Superbowl, the value of someone taking an executive box might be greater than someone looking for seats in the nosebleeds.

So, if you could identify, based on third party data, that a visitor to your site was an executive of a Fortune 500 company, you might put more effort and budget behind trying to get those visitors into your funnel and bid more for any display advertising impressions that might be available, to get that executive box sold than if it was someone who had little interest in the Superbowl.

At Spades Media we use a number of proprietary techniques and the very best solution providers from the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem to generate traffic, leads and sales for clients, at scale.

We use these platforms on a direct or indirect basis to assist us to deliver consistently high returns.

We focus our efforts on defining the strategy and then let the experts that work on the buying side do what they are good at.

All the while we keep an eye on the stats and keep the performance honest and moving in the right direction.

We use these platforms effectively because we've worked out how to create the right combination of first and third party data, we use weather data, demographic data, psychographic data and then leverage our advanced media buying techniques and those of our partners, to deliver the right volume, right quality and best price visitors to your site.

When we find successful sources, we double down on those and try to find more of them.

Over a short time frame we refine the media mix and reduce wastage.

Platforms We Work With

The platforms/partners of choice we work with include (but not limited to) :

  • Centro
  • MediaiQ

The programmatic advertsing space is definitely for the more sophisticated and larger spending advertisers, who might well have hit the ceiling with traditional advertising on Facebook and Google (maybe even Bing).

If you are prepared to invest $10,000 per month or more on buying programmatic display advertising then this could be the channel that takes your leads and sales to the next level.

If your budget permits a conversation to be had, then hit the Get In Touch button below, fill in your details and we'd love to talk.

 Even if your budget is not at that level, we might be able to accommodate your needs, lets have a conversation and see what happens from there.


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