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Spades Media creates media plans designed to reach audiences that are important to you and help you achieve your digital goals.

We deliver laser-focused campaigns that drive brand awareness, site traffic or on-site actions across desktop, tablet, mobile and connectedTV.

The media plans we create are designed with your specific business goals and KPI's in mind.

We don't assign a set number of impressions or budget to each tactic and leave it at that.

Instead, we rely on real-time data, machine learning and algorithmic optimization to determine which tactics are driving success against your goals most often and deliver accordingly.

It's a combination of technology and our media buying team's expertise that drives results for your business across the digital landscape, taking you outside of the channels you usually focus on.

You are likely to be a good fit for programmatic native if you are consistently hitting your daily budgets on Facebook Ads or Google Ads but still desire more sales or leads.


Spades Media delivered amazing results for us using programmatic native. We were able to sell many more tickets to our live event because of these campaigns.

Phil Leahy

CEO, Retail Global


Spades Media provide a comprehensive hand holding solution. They get the job done and are polite, friendly and very helpful. Thanks Jim for a great service.

Stephen Mistretta

CEO Principled Finance

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