Google Analytics audit and setup

Google Analytics Audit & Setup

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Without data you are just another person with an opinion.

That's what W. Edwards Deming says and we completely agree.

W Edwards Deming without data quote

Spades Media have worked hard to master the setup and configuration of our clients Google analytics accounts.

We have a selfish interest in doing this, but everyone benefits.

It's selfish, because without good data we are shooting arrows over a wall and hoping that we hit something worthwhile with our media buying activity.

With good data we are like a sniper able to hit anything we want from a long way away.

Your business needs to have good analytics data.

It's mission critical to any channels you get traffic from.

Without the right configuration how will you know if investing advertising spend on Facebook Ads will be better for your business than Email or Organic traffic via SEO?

Even within Facebook Ads how will you know if the Audience Network is any good, or whether Instagram resonates with the demographic of your site.

As part of our Google Analytics set up process we :

  • Complete a detailed Google Analytics Audit
  • Configure a number of filters
  • Setup the correct channels for your business
  • Import cost data from channels other than Google Ads
  • Connect your Google Search Console (GSC) account
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Create custom segments
  • Create custom dimensions and custom metrics
  • Implement enhanced ecommerce (if applicable to your business)
  • Create macro and micro goals
  • Create additional view profiles (so that any funnels we set up will work)

That is a small sample of what we cover off.

Every business has different requirements, so we tend to do the audit and setup to fit the requirements.

So, if you want to discuss setting up Analytics as a standalone activity that is perfectly acceptable, but we find it's a great starting point towards a more robust performance marketing strategy.

We also provide Google Analytics training, if you think it would benefit your in-house team.

If you are up for a discussion on how to get best-in-class Google Analytics set up for your business, then let's talk.

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