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YouTube Advertising

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In 2006 when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion most pundits thought they were mad.

Fast forward to today and only Google Search is a bigger search engine than YouTube is.

The purchase of YouTube seems great value for money now.

If you look at the numbers of hours of video that are uploaded every second of every day it is astounding.

Trying to get interaction with videos you make can be difficult.

A lot of businesses turn to video to try to advertise their products and services, many with limited success.

Understanding the complexity of YouTube Ads is something Spades Media has been doing ever since Google first made video advertising available as an option on its advertising platform.

Unlike most other forms of advertising, YouTube Ads work very well with Google Ads and offer a different type of opportunity for your content to gain traction.

Our solutions for advertising on YouTube include :

  • TrueView Video advertising on a Cost Per View (CPV) or Target Cost Per Acquisition (Target CPA)
  • TrueView for Mobile
  • TrueView for Shopping
  • Remarketing Lists for YouTube Viewers

If you are interested in a discussion on how YouTube ads can deliver video views, channel subscribers, traffic, leads and sales for your business, then let's talk.

We offer a 15-minute free analysis on your existing YouTube ads.

Discuss YouTube Advertising