How To Get Your Business Online With Google Adwords Express

How To Get Your Business On Adwords Express

If you’ve heard about Google Adwords Express but never really known how to set it up this video will walk you through the set up process.

It’s difficult to know if Adwords Express is going to be a better solution for promoting your business without knowing more specifics, but, as a general rule of thumb Adwords Express is a good entry level solution for you if :

  1. You don’t have an existing web site and want to send visitors to a Google My Business Page. If you don’t have a Google My Business Page then you can get started by visiting the Google My Business site to sign up for an account
  2. You are running a local services business that relies on local business. Generally you choose either a radius of 5-40 miles or specific counties in the UK that you will provide service in. If you are not in the UK then your mileage may vary, but the prinicples remain the same
  3. You are comfortable letting Google decide on the keywords you will be shown for within the scope of a general topic and how much each visitor will cost you
  4. You have a web site but don’t have time to spend creating complicated online advertising campaigns.

Things you will like about Adwords Express.

  • It’s incredibly easy to set up
  • The traffic is generally of good quality
  • You can choose a budget to suit your pocket and increase budget to get more visitors
  • You can pause campaigns if you have sufficient new leads to follow up with
  • You can be granular in respect of the targeting to ensure that only prospects within the geographic boundaries you stipulate will see your ad
  • You can send the traffic to either your own web site or a Google My Business page

Things you won’t like about Adwords Express.

  • You don’t have tight control over the keyword that you show for
  • The traffic is generally more expensive than the comparable traffic bought via standard Google Adwords
  • You can’t see much information about any competitors you are running ads against
  • You can’t specify match types
  • You can’t choose the hours of your ads to run, they are either on, or they are off

Watch the video and if you want to take advantage of the offer in the video then complete the contact form and we will send you a link to sign up with to get £100 of traffic for only £25. This offer is only for brand new advertisers to Google.

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