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Jim Banks is the CEO of Spades Media. He is a frequent keynote speaker and has worked with over 1000 businesses and helped to generate over 2 million leads for B2B companies and over $1.6 billion in ecommerce sales.

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How To Manage Your Skills And Endorsements On LinkedIn

By Jim Banks on 20-Aug-2018 13:05:22

A quick video to show you how you can get more endorsements on LinkedIn and prioritise your top three skills that you feel are the most important for you to be known for.

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Jim Banks Mastermind

By Jim Banks on 01-Aug-2018 13:28:57

I'm excited to announce that I am holding a 2-day mastermind on 13th and 14th October in Las Vegas.

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How to Upload Bing Ads data to Google Analytics using Supermetrics

By Jim Banks on 15-Jun-2018 21:11:01

A single version of the digital truth is the holy grail for digital marketers.

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Google Partners vs. Facebook Marketing Partners

By Jim Banks on 23-Mar-2018 12:28:54

On Wednesday 21st Match the Google Adwords product team did a Livestream entitled

"How to successfully transition to non-last click attribution model"
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How To Create A Click-to-Call Campaign in Basis DSP

By Jim Banks on 20-Nov-2017 09:15:00










What is a click-to-call campaign?

Depending on the type of business you are running there are times when getting people to call you directly by phone might be a good thing.

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