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How To Create A Click-to-Call Campaign in Basis DSP

20-Nov-2017 09:15:00

 What is a click-to-call campaign?

Depending on the type of business you are running there are times when getting people to call you directly by phone might be a good thing.

Typically, these could be for events thought of typically as emergency services (plumbers, tree surgeons, insurance, emergency dentists, nail technicians...)

Importantly, if you are going to run a click-to-call campaign, you need to ensure you have adequate call center operators available to answer the calls when they come in.

If you are unable to support inbound calls 24/7 you can run your campaign with day-parting setup.

That way if you have staff on hand to answer calls the click-to-call campaigns can run and if you don't then the click-to-call campaigns are turned off.

How do I create a click-to-call campaign?

Setting up a click-to-call campaign in Basis DSP is easy. 

When uploading an ad, we use the following syntax as your destination click URL: 

tel:// followed by the phone number (including area code). 

For example, tel://441932478014

The number you assign will be dialled immediately when a user clicks on your ad.

The number should be entered as the user would be expected to dial it on their phone from the geographic region targeted, or the call may not be successfully connected.

For North America, this means 11-digit format, including "1" at the beginning of the number.

Mobile phones will always accept this format, even if the call is local.

Please note that premium phone numbers are not supported on the Basis DSP platform.

For what constitutes a premium number, refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premium-rate_telephone_number

Additionally, the selected phone number should be matched by the region you are targeting in your campaign.

If a UK number is listed, the campaign should be targeting the UK only.

These types of campaign works incredibly well for hyperlocal based businesses where the calls get routed based on the configuration you set up when setting up the campaign.

If you'd like to get some click-to-call campaigns up and running, then why not get in touch with us today by clicking below.

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