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How To Upload Microsoft Ads data to Google Analytics via Supermetrics

15-Jun-2018 21:11:01

A single version of the digital truth is the holy grail for digital marketers.

But, all the different paid traffic sources including Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads offer up their own version of the truth.

In the video below you are walked through, step-by-step, the process you need to go through to import your data from other paid advertising platforms into Google Analytics.

In doing that it gives you a bit more "truth" in one place.

It's easy to implement this.

You can to get up to two years historical Microsoft Advertising data into Google Analytics if you've got things tagged correctly to begin with.


To make this work you need a paid subscription to Supermetrics, and for transparency we do use an affiliate link in this document.

There are alternative ways to do the same thing covered in the video, without paying, but we value our time and it's a manual process to do it any other way.

So, as an FYI, if you follow the steps in this document and subscribe to Supermetrics, we will earn a commission.

It doesn't cost you any more, in fact, we can offer you a discount code to make it cost less because we have a good relationship with the good people over at Supermetrics. 

Use spadesmedia at the checkout and get 10% discount on your subscription cost.

You get a 14 day free trial to test it out to see if this works for you.

And, if you struggle with it, we will be happy to help get it set up for you.

As an agency, we manage many Microsoft Advertising accounts and having visibility into the performance of our clients Microsoft Advertising accounts within Google Analytics is invaluable.

Getting that Microsoft Advertising data into Google Analytics without having to do a lot of messing around with exported spreadsheets is a massive time save for us.

You may decide not to bother and leave the data and the decisions to the respective platforms. 

We find having all of the data in one place gives us a better understanding on how each channel contributes to the overall success of campaigns we manage for clients.

If you use the same naming conventions for source, medium and campaign you are able to do a comparison of performance.

Being able to compare a campaign in a Google Ads vs. Microsoft Advertising scenario is huge.

We've almost always found the performance of Bing Ads when compared to the same scenario in Google Ads that Microsoft Advertising wins hands down.

Many advertisers just import their Google Ads campaigns to set up Microsoft Advertising and think that is them done.

We know your site visitors don't surf the internet in silos, so your data shouldn't stay in silos either.


To learn more about what Supermetrics Data Uploader is and how it works visit the highlighted link.

If you are running an agency this will save you a huge amount of time and make you look like a rock star in the eyes of your clients.

Even if you run your own Microsoft Advertising account, the extra data this gives you will be immense.


As I mentioned in the video, unless you have switched on auto-tagging or are using manual UTM tagging parameters this solution won't work for historical data as it needs to marry up those parameters to the data imported.

To check if you have auto-tagging switched on, in the top right hand corner where your email address is click the Accounts and Billing link and then check that the auto-tagging is switched on. 

If it is switched off (and you are not using GTM parameters) then click the pencil icon and change it to auto-tagging.


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Jim Banks

Written by Jim Banks

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