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How To Manage Your Skills And Endorsements On LinkedIn

20-Aug-2018 13:05:22

A quick video to show you how you can get more endorsements on LinkedIn and prioritise your top three skills that you feel are the most important for you to be known for.

To the 241 people that endorsed me for SEO, thank you.




But, as I mention in the video, I don't do SEO.

As a quick footnote. YouTube changed the requirements for you to be able to link out from your Channel to external content (like your website).

The requirements are now that you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and to get around the gamification that might happen you also need to have 4000 watch hours on YouTube of your videos.

To that end, a quick hack for you, which only works on Desktop (sadly) but if you add


to the end of your YouTube Channel URL, then you get a lightbox asking visitors to confirm their subscription to your YouTube Channel.

Try it on the Spades Media YouTube channel

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Written by Jim Banks

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