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Facebook Ads Pinterest Board

01-Dec-2016 13:00:10

Facebook Advertising is an incredibly fast growing channel for Spades Media.

According to DMR Stats | Gadgets there are:

  • 4 million advertisers on Facebook
  • 6% of all Facebook Pages advertising on Facebook
  • 70% of all Facebook advertisers coming from outside of the US
  • 50% growth in the number of Facebook advertisers from 2015 to 2016
  • 79% of advertising revenue coming from Facebook mobile ads
  • 57% of advertising budgets on Facebook being spent on mobile

We are receiving more enquiries from businesses that need help on how to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns than any other type of advertising.

We've curated a list of some helpful resources from around the interwebs and put them in to a purpose built Facebook Ads Pinterest board that we hope you like.

If you have a resource that you would like us to add to the board then leave a comment below and we'll add it in.

 Alternatively, if you are looking for help with Facebook Ads and want to take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation then click the Get In Touch button below and we'll set something up.

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Jim Banks

Written by Jim Banks

Jim Banks is the CEO of Spades Media. A keynote speaker who has worked with over 1000 businesses. Helped generate over 2 million leads for B2B companies and over $1.6 billion in ecommerce sales.