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How To Add Google Tag Manager To Your Site

10-Feb-2019 22:16:10

Steps to take to install the Google Tag Manager tracking code on your website

The methods you take to implement Google Tag Manager on your site depend on which platform your site uses.

In all cases, the important point is that the tag code must be on EVERY page of your site, in order for any tags you want to fire to work.

This includes any sub-domains, web versions of emails or pages hosted on landing page creation tools.

Google provides a quick-start guide on the steps to take to install the tag correctly.

There are two snippets of code that need to be placed.

A javascript code which needs to be placed in the <head> of every page, in most cases your CMS will have a standard header file where the code can be placed.

A non-javascript code which needs to be placed immediately after the opening <body> of every page. This should also be easy to locate via your CMS and added to a template.

There are two places you can get hold of your site specific code. Watch the video below to learn the two places.

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